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Primary Musicals from Bushfire Press

Thousands of performances around the world! Australia's favourite kids' shows.
Single Grade to Whole School.
No Experience Necessary.

Information about all our musicals
including information about
  • Performance kits
  • Royalty structures
  • Script samples
  • Audio track samples
can be found here.


  • Is your school putting on a musical this year?
  • Do you need help selecting a show that is appropriate to your needs?
  • Do you need advice on organising or staging?
  • Do you just need an experienced and helpful ear?

Our Sales & Marketing manager, Lynne Bartlett, is also a trained drama teacher and has decades (we won't say how many) of experience in - not only writing school musicals -

but also producing, directing, staging, lighting, choreographing -

and the nitty-gritty business of planning, delegating, budgeting, financing, advertising, promoting, venue selection, rehearsal scheduling - what was your question again?

Lynne will help you.

Ask her on facebook
Go to Bushfirepress Community facebook page
Have a look at what is going on there and write a question to Lynne on the page.
Like us while you are there!

Contact her directly.
By email: lynne@bushfirepress.com

Why not ask her to give you a call back for a chat?

Read Lynne's profile

The Play List

The Gilbert And Sullivan Series
    The Mikado
    Pirates of Penzance
    HMS Pinafore

The Classic Series
    Kids in Camelot
    Kids at Sea
    The Little Mermaid
    A Kidsummer Night's Dream

The Old Favourites Series
    Once Upon a Time
    Kids in Space
    Kids in Paradise

The Australian Series
    Currawong Creek
    The Billabong Prank

The Christmas Series
    A Christmas Pageant (then and now)
    The Jazz Nativity

Mini Musicals and performance Pieces
    Many to choose from ...

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